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In the Summer of 2010, I had my first chance to experience the protection in recently-memorized-Psalm-91 when (to avoid a careless lane-changer) my car spun out of control as I braked & swerved on the freeway. I was promptly T-boned by a pickup-plus-trailer and a commercial truck.

After stepping out of my totaled car - injury and whiplash free, sun glasses (and air-bags) still intact - it sure felt like the world rippled just a little behind me (Matrix style baby! :) Ok, maybe not. But it truly was a miracle from start to finish.

With over three tons of automobile involved, miraculously no one was hurt and no cargo lost. Only some slight fender damage was done to one of the other trucks.. and we had just received the money to pay off my old car! Plus Jesus blessed us with a new, larger car which is much better suited for future family additions. (Although I was a little sad to lose the stereo system in the old one)

This incident showed me two things. One, the 'for real' power of getting the word in me. Because of Psalm 91 filling my heart - God kept me in absolute peace through the whole process. That was a major reason why I could walk away from the wreck and be instantly excited about it. The two truck drivers were totally shaken up (understandably so) and I should have been too, but instead I was thrilled. The more I thought about it, the more miraculous I realized it was, and the more I wanted to shout it from the roof tops.. how good God is!

The other thing it showed me was how much people avoid true everyday miracle stories. As soon as I told what actually happened to a few people (about how much Jesus had protected me) and the word got out - it was like conversation about it instantly evaporated. The whole subject was just avoided. I wanted to shout it from the roof tops, but nobody wanted to hear it. It really opened my eyes to how much, even in the christian world, Jesus and his power is kept under wraps and concealed.

But no big deal. I know everybody is at different stages of truth and growth in their walk with God. My former self probably wouldn't have wanted to hear it either. So rather than forcing it upon anyone or stirring things up.. thank God for the internet, I will just leave it here. Do with it what you will :) no worries.

But let me encourage you. Memorize the word. It has real power, it will fill you up and change you. Since that day, I have been in a perpetual state of new scripture memorization. For me, I learn easiest, when I record me reading a bunch of scripture I want to learn over a beat or song. Then I burn it to CD and memorize it slowly.. as I workout on the treadmill or drive to work each morning.

The cool thing I've noticed in myself - is once I have some new scripture memorized and am quoting it daily for about 3 weeks - I'll start to see subtle things about me just change. For example, things that annoy me no longer annoy me. Or I'm just happier (for no apparent reason). Or I don't stumble as much (litterally and spiritually). Or I learn faster and easier. And so much more..

One specific random improvement I noticed was I got my quick reflexes back like I had when I was a little kid. (probably because I'm so much more relaxed.. due to the word filling me)

Anyways, I'll quit rambling.. thank you Psalm 91 and Jesus!

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