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Here are the 'Gospills' I've made so far (an idea I got from Andrew Wommack). For me, I've found it's a great way to memorize scripture. Both while driving to work and/or while working out in the morning.

Feel free to download and use mine or make your own (see below).

Yes, mine are pretty rough.. if you do want to use mine and can't stand the errors - let me know (luke@elciproductions.com) - it'll be some good incentive to clean them up :)

However, here is a great and easy way for anybody to make their own.

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1. Get a handheld digital recorder, like this one. (**Be sure it has a PC connection so that you can easily download the voice recording to your computer).

2. Get your favorite worship CD.

3. Get the list of scriptures you want to learn.

While playing the CD softly in the background, record yourself as you read the selected scriptures. Download the recording to your PC and burn to CD. done :)

A couple tips I've learned. Speaking more slowly and to the cadence of the music really helps with learning. It allows you to really think about what you are saying and it flows more naturally for memorization. Also, keeping tracks under 5 minutes really helps as well. have fun and get filled up!

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