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If the divine love child of Dr. Luke and David Guetta met a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face, you might begin to understand the deluge elci Productions is currently piosed to bring.

Quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, elci Productions specializes in making the best music they can with whatever they've got. Their honest lyrics, bold melodies and resourceful techniques - layered above tenacious grooves - provide a refreshingly, unwavering voice for today's real-world Underdog.

Simply put: elci Productions IS the overly-vocal, completely-uninvited, entirely self-aware Geek sitting smack-dab in the middle of the Cool-Kid's table - and love'n it! Hey, there is always room for one more.. Come on, join us on this crazy, wild adventure up-and-out!!

-- long bio --

elci Productions is the rebirth of music production. With one man, two bedrooms, and three friends - elci Productions (eP) is the very definition tomorrow's producer trapped in the world of today. With a passion to bring Heaven to Earth and raise up a new generation of underdog champions, eP is beginning to make significant waves out of NRH (Dallas), Texas.

Specializing in doing the best with what we've got, eP officially opened it's doors in January of 2010. It's 28 combined years of production/songwriting experience quickly lead to several tracks being picked up by Hollywood publisher, JDE Music.. two tracks being placed on the television shows, All About Aubry and America's Next Top Model.. and one song contracted by the world-wide salon and beauty product giant, Matrix.

While still growing by leaps and bounds, the current quality of elci Productions' work clearly speaks for its self.

elci Productions is totally committed to helping new artists and bands make top quality, radio ready music. From pre-production to mastering, we can do as much or as little as you need.

We are more than happy to help produce anybody who is into making a positive impact on the world through their music. Don't let our small size fool you, we are into making big, big sounds.

Interested? contact us: elciPro.Music@gmail.com
Jočl Garza
Cara Young
Your Name Here..
latest track(s): i don't have what it takes
credits 2018: Say Yes To The Dress (episode 3, A Dress to Match My Black Heart), Say Yes To The Dress (Gown to Match My Black Heart)

credits 2016: Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (episode 2, If I Feel Like A Penny), Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (episode 4, I'll Just Call Myself the Original Diva)

credits 2015: Body Bizzare Reversion (episode 1)

credits 2014: Four Weddings (episode 28, season 31), Body Bizzare (episode 004), Four Weddings: Unveiled (episode 12)

credits 2013: Four Weddings (episode 2, season 4), Four Weddings: Unveiled (episode 4), Infrequent Exposure (88.1 KNTU), Live365 Radio, Butterflies Radio, Suckfree Radio, Radio Airplay

credits 2012: International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Semi-Finalist

selected for submission 2012: Brown Eyed Girl (Million Pieces selected)

credits 2011: Spread'n The Luv - sold to world-wide solon and beauty product giant, Matrix (2 year non-exclusive contract), All About Aubry (episode 102), America's Next Top Model (episode 1609, Franca Sozzani)

credits 2010: JDE Music (three tracks signed)

selected for submission 2010: Britney Spears, Wayne Wilkins, NBC's Last Comic Standing, Holleywood Publisher, European Radio, Canadian Music Supervision Company, Next Future Star (Recalled by NFS)

selected for submission 2009: Agnes
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