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protein C deficiency..

This story isn't about me, it's about Kristy. But the two of us are one flesh.. so I guess it still counts :)

We unexpectedly lost our baby, Lexi, back in June (2011). When they did the pathology on my wife, Kristy’s, placenta - they found blood clots in the cord. This led to Kristy getting extensive blood work done where they found low Protein S levels (50) and very low Protein C levels (27). These are incurable genetic diseases which cause pregnancy complications and blood clots.

The extremely low Protein C meant that for our next pregnancy Kristy would have to get a very expensive shot every day to protect her from blood clots and the baby from additional complications (low birth weight, placental abruption/separation from the uterus). Inconvenient and costly.

Instead, we chose to stand on the healing promises of Jesus (Psalm 103, Isaiah 53, etc). We did everything we knew to do - gave an offering, got prayer, went to the healing rooms, spoke to her body, took daily communion, prayed in tongues over it, etc. All that got our seed growing and our faith working. But the breakthrough (the manifestation) finally came at the last Gateway Habitation Service (October 16th).

After the service, we went up for prayer. The woman we talked to received an accurate insight about an inner vow Kristy had made as a child. One Kristy had totally forgotten about until it was specifically brought up. Kristy renounced the vow and we prayed. Nothing unusual. But that night she began spotting (since Lexi's birth in June there had been no period activity).

The next day it hit in full force. Way more than ever before. We just thought it was due to the 'piping' being turned back on after a 3 to 4 month hiatus. However, when Kristy finally went back in and got retested on the 25th – we happily found that all her blood protein levels were completely normal!

That’s why her flow had been so much more then usual. In addition to the re-instated 'piping', she had been healed! The protein S levels had risen from 50 to 73 and the protein C from 27 to 83. No more genetic clotting disorder! Impossible. Except for Jesus! The Doctors didn't know what to say!! But we did and we've got the records to prove it :) Of course they want her to get tested one more time when we get pregnant again, but that is just going to confirm the miracle that has already been established. God rocks!!

Update: March 2012

It's been some time since the healing (about 6 months) and another cool thing has recently come to light.

Growing up Kristy had really bad, almost debilitating, cramps with her cycle. So bad, that it led to her getting on birth control. Even when she came off of birth control for several months (so that we could get pregnant with Lexi) she still had pretty strong cramping. It was so much cramping that during her period she would consistently take Ibuprofen and use a heating pad on her stomach at night.

It was last October (2011) that God healed her. Since then she has had 6 cycles (including October’s).

It just dawned on us that she hasn’t used or needed a heating pad since!! Her cramping is gone! Or at least at normal levels. I think she’s taken Ibuprofen maybe 2 or 3 times in six months as compared to regularly popping them for the duration of each period prior. And the heating pad has been gone for good! God is awesome!!

Update: August 2012

We are pregnant! (Twelve weeks or so now). Still no use for a heating pad and still little to no cramping.

At 10 weeks we performed all the blood tests again. The protein C levels are completely normal! God's healing is doubly (and totally) confirmed!! We are healed! Thank you Jesus!!

Feel free to check out the results below. The most recent confirmation is labeled the 'After, After' Results. Please note, it's normal for all the numbers to be a little lower during pregnancy, as is the case with Kristy's numbers. However, they are still within the 'normal' range and our sepcialist, Dr. Thigpen, has given us the green light.

God rocks!! No expensive, daily shots. No genetic disorders to pass down. No strained pregnancies. Man, if Jesus will do that for a couple of goofball-idiots like us ... how much more will He do for you!!  Jesus you're awesome!!!

Test Results:
Before                     After                        After, After


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